Rejected Reels Film Festival


June 26, 2018

Atlanta, GA - The first ever Rejected Reels Film Festival was Saturday June 9th at Cinevison, and featured 12 films- both shorts and features. The awards- Treasure Cannes were given to: A whole world for a little world as the best narrative short, Fearless for best documentary short, The Magic Bomb for Best Narrative Feature and the Filmmaker Friend Award went to Austin Sheely- writer, director, and editor of the Bad Angel.     

The second annual Rejected Reels Film Festival will take place on June 8, 2019 and the fest will be open for submissions starting July 1.

May 14, 2018     

Atlanta, GA -  Next month, the inaugural Rejected Reels Film Festival will take place at Cinevision. The programming committee is excited to announce the 14 films the festival will showcase during the one-day event. These shorts and features come from the all over the world, including: U.S., Afghanistan, Iran, Spain, and France, including one local short from a University of North Georgia alum.      

"It's no small feat to finish a film, and we want to celebrate that. It's our goal to give films that have been rejected from other festivals the opportunity to be seen on the big screen, in front of a live audience," said founder and executive director, Christina Nicole. "We want to be a positive outlet for filmmakers."     

The films, in no particular order, are: Hushhh, Fearless, The Magic Bomb, Cowboys and Indians, Limit, Blows the Wind, Western Jubilee, Strawberry or Lemon, The Luck Bird, The Boo, The Bad Angel, A Whole World for a Little World, Where is Annie Overby?, and The Hip-Hop Kid. Some of the filmmakers and talent are scheduled to attend the festival.   

Tickets are on sale now via Film Freeway.